New Patients

New Patients

If you are interested in becoming a new patient, please fill out the new patient request form below and you will be put on a waiting list and contacted when an evaluation appointment is available. Please note that the new patient must be the one to fill out the form. Forms filled out on behalf of another person will not be accepted.

This practice does not take any insurance; it is self-pay only. Initial assessments are $450 and follow-up appointments are $250. We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash. We do provide necessary documentation for a patient to file with their insurance for possible out of network benefit reimbursement.

This practice does NOT treat for substance abuse, issues related to traumatic brain injury or dementia; however, we have links below to those practitioners who specialize in these areas. Due to the time constraints involved and our inability to provide our full attention, we do not complete assessments for legal purposes or disability.

If you are experiencing ADD or ADHD issues please note that completed testing is required prior to coming to Five Points Psychiatry. (links provided below for local testing). Or, if you are currently on ADD/ADHD medications and are looking for medication management, your assessment and or letter of diagnosis/compliance from your current prescriber is required.


Substance Abuse

  • The Olive Space Psychiatry, LLC 762-233-0785

Geriatric Psychiatry

  • Salveo Integrative Health - 770-574-6069

Head Trauma

  • Athens Concussion & Neuropsychology Center, LLC 706-850-9339

ADD / ADHD Testing

  • Tara Weiszer, PhD - 706-424-5686
  • Matt Butryn, PhD - 706-548-0018
  • Kate Finley, PhD - 706-850-9339
  • Positive Outcomes - 706-546-8440

Disclaimer: Filling out this form does not mean you will be accepted as a new patient. Five Points Psychiatry will review the information you provide and determine whether or not we would be able to meet your current psychiatric needs, combined with the current state of the practice. We can provide referrals if necessary. Forms filled out on behalf of another person will not be accepted.


New Patients Request Form

188 S. Milledge Ave Suite 3
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(Parking entrance is off Dearing Street)
(706) 549-2087

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